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Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon

The reform brought about in Indian legal education by the pioneering efforts of Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon during the last three decades through the Five Year Integrated B.A.LL.B. programme under the National Law School experiment is the inspiration for Lloyd Law College sponsoring the Mooting Competition in his name. On retirement from active service, he continues to contribute to the cause of legal education and professional development through the Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy Training (MILAT), which he presides. Lloyd Law College is proud to be associated with MILAT in organizing the Mooting event for the benefit of law students of Asian Region.

Latest Events

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The First Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon SAARCLAW Mooting Competition - 2015-2016


The Second Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon SAARCLAW Mooting Competition - 2016-17

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The Third Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon SAARCLAW Mooting Competition - 2017-18.


The Fourth Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon SAARCLAW Mooting Competition - 2018-19.

Eminent Guests


My advice for students of Lloyd is that a lawyer should always be precise,avoid ambiguities and contradictions and should never feel adequate and contented, but in fact embrace healthy contentment.

Hon'ble Mr.Justice Dipak Mishra
Chief Justice of India

I am deeply impressed by the Campus , its management, its wonderful faculty and its supporting staff. Lloyd is not just the ladder of success , it is the leader of success. God Bless You.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Kurian Joseph
Judge, Supreme Court of India


A memorable event of its kind. Being part of the program in itself an honor. Also, had the opportunity to listen to Hon. Justices and learned Academicians and to learn to prepare for future. Very impressed with all the arrangements and the learning environment that Lloyd College has offered . I wish the College and the whole team very best during the days ahead.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Anil Kumar Sinha
Judge, Supreme Court of Nepa

Consider it a great privilege and honour to be at themoot competition . Lloyd Law College must be congratulated for the excellent facilities provided for the competition. May the staff (academic) of law faculty be inspired to do greater things in future. Wish the college all the very best

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Buwaneka Aluwihare
Judge, Supreme Court of Srilanka


"Feel honored to have been invited to the SAARC Mooting Competition (3rd Madhav Menon). What a beautiful campus Lloyd has! I am sure that the college will take its students to greater heights. Wish all success to each and everybody. God bless you all."

Hon'ble Ms. Justice Naima Haider
Judge, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Excellent beginning of a new program. Very well attended by on shoring participants.Was a pleasure participating and addressing in audience

Hon'ble Mr. Justice TS Thakur
Former Chief Justice of India


"Excellent campus Enthusiastic students Dedicated faculty What more does a law college need? Nothing!"

Mr. K. K. Venugopal
Attorney General of India